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Name: Kathryn Chung

Year: Sophomore

Major: Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

Hometown: Mesa, AZ

Why did you choose UA: Desert and plants are nice.

Guilty pleasure: The Bachelor

Favorite Bachelor contestant: Olivia, because she’s gone.

If you were part of a salad, which part would you be: Olives, because they’re bold and vibrant. And they’re salty like me.

Starbucks order: Hibiscus Tea with Lemonade.

What was an experience that changed your life: Long-distance relationships suck. Dating someone that doesn’t go to the same school as you is really hard. You spend so much time connecting with them that you can’t do stuff you want to do because you want to maintain that relationship.

What’s your beauty secret: Coconut Oil hair masks! Since I have curly hair, it helps keep it soft and keeps my curls defined and divine!

What’s something most people don’t know about you: I’m a singer-songwriter.

Hi, I'm Taylor! I'm a junior at the UA studying journalism and Spanish. My favorite hobbies are sleeping, writing, and drinking coffee!
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