Post-Workout Glam

Need to squeeze in a quick workout in between classes but are concerned about looking like a sweaty wreck? Look no further, we have assembled 5 shower-free solutions to looking like a beauty queen after your workout.


1.Let your hair down immediately after your workout.


By letting your hair down after a workout, its less likely you will have a big imprint on your hair from the rubber band, and will give it the ability to dry out and go back to its natural shape.


2. Dry shampoo


Dry shampoo is a crucial thing to have whether you’re working out or not. But, after a workout dry shampoo is awesome because you don’t have to wash your hair and it smells awesome.


Our favorite brand is  “Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo.” Available at any Target or CVS for less than $5!

3. After a workout, some people have the tendency to get an extremely red face and it’s always been difficult to return back to my normal color (whoops.) After getting the “Mario Badescu Facial Spray,” my skin returns back to its near translucent color almost immediately.

Facial spray is awesome because it has aloe, herbs, and rosewater in it which hydrates it and makes it soft. Now that’s definitely a plus!

4. If you sweat a lot after a workout, don’t feel like you can’t dunk and rinse your hair. Let it air-dry while you are hanging around your house.

From one of our writers: “Before I let my hair dry naturally, I love to spray it with “Coco oil.” I saw it in Urban Outfitters the other day and had to get it. This “beach spray” has coconut oil and sea salt in it, which hydrates your hair and gives you a great beachy wave look to your hair.”


It’s fast, easy, and doesn’t require shampoo, OR conditioner!

5. Wipe it off!

Cool down and dry off with facial makeup wipes. Even if you weren’t wearing makeup before, these little wipes are awesome because they cool down your face and provide tons of moisture so you are glimmering after a quick midday workout!

My favorite facial wipes are the makeup remover cleansing towelettes by Neutrogena. They’re moderately priced, extremely soft, and will have you smelling like a beach babe that has ascended from the heavens.

There you have it. I hope you love these products just as much as I do and can enjoy your quick workout without worrying about being crunched on time. Have a great workout, ladies!