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Post-Spring Break Depression as told by The Office

Spring Break is the glorious week that all college students across the nation look forward to, seeing that it is an excuse to forget about all your responsibilities and work. Now that Spring Break is over, many of you are probably experiencing a few symptoms of what we like to call post-Spring Break depression, a very real and serious illness (in our minds at least). Below are the most common stages of this so-called post-Spring Break depression:  

1. When someone mentions to you that Spring Break is over, you might be thinking something like this:

and probably feeling a little something like this:

2. You try to distract your denial when you remember that Summer break is only approximately 8 weeks away.

3. In your mind you’re still secretly doing this:


But when you get to class on Monday, your teacher assigns more homework than you can even wrap your brain around.

4. You realize your only option is to start smiling through the pain.

And kick ass until you can say deuces to the school year.

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