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The Pill Club to Deliver in Arizona in 2018

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arizona chapter.

Favor (formerly Pill Club) will deliver women’s healthcare products to Arizona customers by summer 2018.

Favor (formerly Pill Club) is a pharmacy and birth control delivery service. The company distributes oral contraceptive birth control from multiple brands.

Favor (formerly Pill Club) also has medical professionals that consult customers. The Pill Club accepts most insurance plans. Customers without insurance pay 15 dollars a year for delivery and consultation services. The price of birth control products varies and is an additional cost.

Her Campus Arizona allowed Melani Facundo head of social media and partnerships, Sandy Wang lead nurse practitioner and, Katie Campisano director of public relations to discuss their company. Her Campus Arizona does not endorse The Pill Club’s services.

Favor (formerly Pill Club)communicates with customers online and over the phone. The product comes in a care package which contains the purchased birth control product, feminine and sexual care products and, chocolate.

Campisano explained why UA students would benefit from The Pill Club’s services.

“It reduces that stigma about birth control and makes it easier to receive,” Campisano said.

Facundo says that every woman is different and should cater their birth control treatments according to lifestyle.

“People who can follow a schedule might choose pills. People who are forgetful might prefer the ring or the patch where they can change the product as directed,” Facundo said.

Favor (formerly Pill Club) does not endorse specific birth control brands.

Facundo explained how her childhood and experience working at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Los Angeles Calif influenced her career choice.

“I grew up in a traditional Catholic family. I never grew up with the acceptable knowledge of contraceptive use or sexual health,” Facundo said.

She adds that religious beliefs should not influence healthcare decisions.

Wang calls Favor’s work “a daily march for women.”

“Healthcare is a right, not a privilege,” Wang said.

As of March 2018, The Pill Club can prescribe medication in 3 states and can deliver to 42 states. The company hopes to have the required licenses to prescribe and deliver in every state by the end of the year.

Visit Favor’s website for more information.


Photo Courtesy of Favor (formerly Pill Club)