An Opinion About Truth and Justice

The goal of the American judicial system is “justice for all.” That includes accusers and those accused. Not every case is the same. People who commit wrong acts deserve to be punished and hopefully rehabilitated. However, rehabilitation has to come from a person’s personal will to change. However, it is unfair to the people involved and the system itself when people treat others in similar situations differently.    

It is important not to jump to conclusions when only hearsay evidence is presented. As the world have seen before, justice will come to anyone who deserves it even if it arrives later than most want it too. The media tries to be balanced when reporting on all matters. Journalists ask the public to have a balanced mindset when reading stories. However, journalists cannot always expose the truth; instead, they can report factually based on the information available.    

Unity is important, and it is a fundamental value in America. However, when misused, it can be divisive and misleading. People should have awareness of everyone. Individuals should find others who think similarly to them. People should not exclude those with different beliefs. Everyone wants fair results but, it is an evolving process.