Meet Pooja Gunnala!

Name: Pooja Gunnala

School: University of Arizona

Year: Junior

Major: Public Health

Q: What is your favorite hobby?:

A: “Dance. It's my life and my passion, I could not live without it. I used to be involved in an Indian dance team mostly for the fact that dance is my life and I needed a way to keep that alive.”

Q:What is your favorite animal?:

A: “Peacock, because its feathers are symbolic in my religion and it's the most beautiful and majestic creature. It has also been a subject of many art projects of mine in the past.”

Q: What is your favorite food?:

A: “Anything Hispanic or spicy. I love Mexican food like no other, and I can make some ‘bomb’ dishes myself.”

Q: What are your involvements on campus?:

A: “PRISHI, I am very passionate about that sort of thing because of the idea that we are able to directly help a village in India over a period of time and in hopes of making a difference for those people. I am also involved in flying Samaritans, and AZGHP, because they are hands on with the service towards others.”

Q: Why are you interested in pursuing medicine in the future?

A: “This all accumulates into why I chose medicine and chose a lifestyle that is dedicated to healing the sick and bringing a difference into people's lives. For me, there is always a bigger purpose of life and that goes beyond the materialistic aspects of life. One should leave the world knowing that their name is left behind as being known for their greatness. And the greatness that I want to leave behind is the lives I've changed and the people's hearts that I have touched in the process.”