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Make Any Dorm Feel Like Home

Starting college may be the biggest change you have ever experienced; starting a new school in possibly a new city and even in a completely different state might be a really difficult adjustment at first. You may miss your friends, family, pets, and even your childhood home. Every college student will feel homesick at least once in their college career, that’s completely normal. When you first see your dorm room it might seem like a very daunting task to make homey and comfortable as they are sometimes sterile looking. But, don’t be intimidated!  Since moving into the dorms, I have found several ways to make my room feel especially homey for those nights when I’m missing the comfort of home.

Hanging pictures up of family, friends, and beloved pets will definitely make your new place feel much more like home. Pictures can also bring “flair” to any decor so be sure to add in some cool pictures you took in your photography class or pages from your favorite magazines.

Collaborate with your roommate

Collaborating with your roommate on colors and decorations could help your dorm feel more like a room rather than a hotel. Buying things you both enjoy will get you both pumped for moving in and decorating your space! Plus, everyone else in your hall will be jealous about how amazing your room looks!

Bond with your roomie

Making time at the start of school to get to know your dorm buddy will definitely pay off in the long run. Even if you guys don’t click right off the bat, you will feel more comfortable once you know a little more about each other. Plan an ice cream date or a decorating party to ease any awkwardness that you both may be feeling.

Bringing things from home

Even though you are starting a new chapter in your life and are now considered an adult, no one will make fun of you if you want to bring your childhood blanket or a treasured stuffed animal. Some nights, you will feel homesick and wish you brought a little comfort from home. If you’re a little nervous about what your roommate or new friends will say just put it in a clothing drawer or a packing box and voila, you’re cooler than cool.

Bring mementos

Do you still have letters your best friend wrote you in the sixth grade or a silly valentine you received in the fifth grade that still makes you smile whenever you look at it? If you do, or have any other keepsakes that always make you smile, be sure to bring them. They can help cheer you up on a bad day or be a great story to tell your roomie.

Making your new room feel more like “you” will ensure that you will have fewer sad, restless nights missing the warmth and coziness of back home.  


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