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Girls, don’t over pluck your brows. I repeat, do not over pluck. Thin, straggly eyebrows look odd and unsettling. Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of the face and precise, striking brows highlight your eyes and the rest of your facial features.

We’ll start with the tweezing. To begin, rinse your face with warm water as this softens the skin and makes it easier for hair follicles to come out. Use a clean pair of slanted-edge tweezers (wipe with rubbing alcohol). While remove any stray hairs in the middle of your eyes is the obvious one, the real challenge where many people are misadvised comes with the actual shaping of your brows. Often, we hear that the width between each brow should be measured by holding a pencil parallel to the side of your nose and plucking where the pencil meets at your brows. This should not be the rule of thumb, as people with wider set nostrils could end up taking off way too much and vice versa. Instead, follow the rule that eyebrows should start directly above your tear ducts. When in doubt, pluck slowly—it’s better to under do it than over do it. The arch in your eyebrows should be parallel to the edge of your iris (the colored part of your eye). Again, tweeze very slowly and constantly step back to look at your face as a whole. You don’t want to look like you’re constantly angry with over arched brows. It should be slight.

Like I mentioned before, striking eyebrows are gorgeous. Usually thicker and more prominent is better. Comb the hairs back using a small brow comb then carefully sweep on a coat of eyebrow gel. The color of your eyebrow gel should be only about a shade darker than your natural hair color (or very close to your natural hair). If you don’t like using gel (it looks kind of like mascara), use a brow pencil. Lightly sweep the pencil across your brows in small motions, working the first half of your brow then moving to the second half so that you avoid the awkward, pencil drawn look. The pencil should be applied with a soft touch. You can slightly square off your brows in the front as well by simply making sharper angles rather than rounding them. However, always keep the pencil as close to your hairs as possible to, again, avoid that drawn on look.

YouTube beauty guru, Tanya Burr does her eyebrows extremely well, so keep an eye out for her videos as references (http://www.youtube.com/tanyaburr). Also, Emma Watson—absolutely stunning. 

University of Arizona Journalism major, creative writing minor. I am a style/beauty blogger for Her Campus-Arizona and an arts & life reporter for the Arizona Daily Wildcat. I love pugs, reading, baking, and embracing your natural beauty.
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