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Halloween in a Hurry

So…it’s the morning of Halloween and you still have no clue what to be for the big night. No need to make any last minute trips to Party City or Halloween Express – below I will uncover 5 last minute Halloween costumes you most likely already have in your closet!


1. Regina George from Mean Girls

One of my roommates actually came up with this one back in high school when her and a group of friends had no clue what to be. “There were four of us and we wanted something that was fun yet unique” – Tia Schmittenberg. To complete this look they simply took plain white tank tops they already had, and cut two large holes in the chest area. Underneath they all wore colorful bras just like Regina George does in the scene of the movie. You can pair this look with any kind of skirt or pants!


2. The Tourist

For this look you will need an old Hawaiian shirt that is stuffed in the back of your closet. Pair this with any type of khaki on bottom, and try to find an old visor or bucket hat lying around. If you want to really accessorize the outfit, wear a camera around your neck and some white face paint on your nose to look like sunscreen!


3. Minnie Mouse

This costume is one I actually had to throw together myself the other week for a Disney themed costume party. Like most college students, I am on a budget and don’t like spending money on small events like this. I found that Minnie Mouse was one of the easiest costumes you could possibly be with clothes you already have! Simply pair any plain black top with either red shorts or a red skirt. If possible, pair with large black ears, or if you don’t own them a simple red bow in your hair will do!


4. Black Cat

This is one of the simplest costumes of all time, but you can’t go wrong. Wear any cute black dress or an all black outfit and use your makeup to draw whiskers and a nose on your face! You will be looking cute and Halloween ready with close to no effort.


5. Scarecrow

This costume is super easy and fall chic. Simply wear a flannel tucked into your favorite pair of jeans and top it off with a cute fall or floppy hat. This costume would look super cute with a pair of boots and if you want to get really creative try painting your face with makeup to look even more like a scarecrow! 

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