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Gym Hairstyles for Every Length


Every woman has different hair, whether it’s wavy and long, short and straight or to your collar bone and curly which means different styles work better with specific hair! Hair in your face during a workout is irritating and can cause you to break out and some girls don’t feel comfortable with their bangs slicked back so what works? Here are some simple tips and tricks for stylish hair even when getting your sweat on:

Short Hair

Short hair can be very difficult to work with, especially if you have an A-line bob or if it’s above your shoulders but don’t worry!

For an A-line bob- sadly, the back of your hair is cut nearly an inch or so short so forget about a pony tail. French twist your bangs and pin them with a pretty bobby pin, wear a headband with teeth so your shorter hairs will stay put or try a stretchy colorful headband!

For hair slightly above the shoulders or shorter, try wearing a pretty spandex headband and put your hair in a small pony tail or twist a bun (if you can). Also, if you have side bangs, braid them or French twist them to add a feminine touch.

Mid-Length Hair

Mid-length hair is usually a little below the collar bone, at the collar bone or right above your breasts. Some might be at the awkward length where you have no idea what to do with your hair. Not to worry!

A pony tail in the middle of your head is super cute, especially when you have some volume at the crown of your head. You could also try using a double headband to keep back the hair near your forehead and right before your crown. Try playful colors too!

You can also braid your bangs or make a little braid to flow into your pony tail or bun. It’ll look cutest with a messy bun.

 Messy buns are super easy. Just put your hair in a loose bun and piece out the stray shorter hairs to get a nonchalant but pretty affect.

Long Hair

Girls with long hair luck out because they can choose from various styles.

A high pony tail with some volume at the crown is always a pleaser and super simple. You could also use a stretchy headband right at your forehead so it looks like you have more volume than you do since the front is so flat. This is a great way to keep your hair out of your face!

A high bun or messy bun is also a nice touch with a side braid or braided bangs if you have them.

A side braid is also a winner and it looks beautiful, especially if your hair is highlighted. If you’re worried about bangs, comb them back and spritz a little hairspray to keep them out of your face with volume.

If a side braid irritates you because it catches all the sweat from your shoulder or chest, try putting your hair in a mid pony or high pony and braid it. It still looks cute and no fly aways!

A low bun at the nape of the neck is a little dressier but can still work as a hairstyle at the gym. If you have bangs, try French twisting them.

You can also try a little pomp at the top of your head with a high pony tail. It may take more hairspray if your bangs are a little shorter or if you plan to run but it looks cute in the gym and with your casual outfit after you’re done! 

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