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Graduation then marriage?

What seems to keep the dream of marriage alive is finding the right person. With the right partner, marriage can be the best thing for a couple, leading to a deep and fulfilling relationship.The question remains: should couples get married in their twenties or wait until they are “older and wiser?”
It seems many people still decide to marry young, even fresh out of college.

Marriage at a young age seems natural for students who have been together for many years and always knew they would get married. Taryn Gluckman, a UA graduate from the class of 2010, got married after graduation. “It was just something that seemed right and we figured that if we were going to be living together anyways and since we knew we wanted to be married eventually…why wait?” Taryn and her husband had been dating for seven years when they tied the knot. Her family supported the marriage because the couple had been together for so long and both of their families had become good friends.

Another big question is can couples survive the big changes in their lives as they grow into their mature selves and develop their careers?  “Since we started dating at such a young age, it’s almost as if we grew up together and both learned from the same situations at the same time.” Taryn said. “Even as we grow older, I think the similarities in our youth and our similar values and goals is what will keep us together forever.”  

Nicole Gaudette, a microbiology senior, has a similar situation. Nicole has known her finance for eight years and has been dating on and off for three years. Marriage just seemed like the next step. They felt no need to wait.
Both of their families are supportive of their choice and they saw it as something that was eventually going to happen. Nicole’s Mom even said she “just knew.” 
“We love each other very much and we know how to work well with each other, compromise, comfort each other, and have fun with each other,” Gaudette said. “We know that we will do whatever it takes to stay together and stay happy.”

Both of these couples have known each other for many years, proving they have something real. Rushing into marriage is where problems can arise, and that is what couples should watch out for.
“I’m not against it, but it’s not something I would do. I just think you need to have your own life first and accomplish your own dreams like having a successful career and traveling,” said Julie Levin, a communications senior. 

Although marriage may not be something for everyone, at the end of the day, it’s all about the person you have committed to.

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