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On The Go? Four Makeup Must-Haves In Your Bag


Whether you have time for your full makeup routine or you just ran out the door with your face completely bare, these five items should be in your bag at all times.



Even if you don’t have the time to apply full foundation, concealer can still hide those particularly troublesome blemishes, under eye circles, and redness on the nose and inner cheeks.


Tinted moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is much lighter and simpler to quickly apply than foundation. And most of them also contain some degree of SPF, so they’re protecting your skin as well.



Lengthened, bold lashes make your eyes stand out no matter what state you’re in, so keep mascara on hand if you want to make yourself appear more bright and awake. Even without the eyeliner or shadow, a strong lash makes all the difference between a girl who just rolled out of bed and a girl ready to tackle her day.


Lipstick or tinted lip balm

Vibrant lips, again, make you appear more awake and brighten your entire face. A peach, coral, or rose tint to your lips looks gorgeous for a casual spring or summer day out. 

University of Arizona Journalism major, creative writing minor. I am a style/beauty blogger for Her Campus-Arizona and an arts & life reporter for the Arizona Daily Wildcat. I love pugs, reading, baking, and embracing your natural beauty.
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