Giggles By Jones

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It’s honestly impossible for me to get up when my alarm rings. I need at least 30 minutes to say to the clock “five more minutes.”
            Because my life is always in shambles, I have a Friday class. Its two hours. And it’s at 10 AM. Woof. I managed to leave the house at 9:30 AM and raced to my second home: Starbucks.
I’ve been a little reluctant to go back to the drive-thru Starbucks on Campbell and Broadway. I would say I frequent it maybe once or twice a day.
I am a big fan of the drive-thru.
A couple days ago, I ordered my drink, pulled up to the window, and the girl working asks me, “so how’s your mom?” I looked at her confused since I was on the phone with a friend not my mom…. “Huh?” I said.
 “Oh when you pulled up to order the other girl who was working said to me, ‘this is Lisa she comes here all the time and is ALWAYS arguing with her mom on the phone.” I’m assuming they know my name since I have a gold card. Totally. Glad they know me as that cranky caffeine addict always fighting with her mom.
I grabbed my usual skinny hazelnut latte, parked my car in my lot, and greeted my friend Lexi. For those that do not know me, I am completely reliant on caffeine. In fact, if I don’t have coffee, I get migraines. That is just how serious my condition is. Got out of the car and my coffee slipped and exploded on the ground. Lexi thought I was going to cry. Luckily Paradise Bakery is right next to my class so I settled….
Part two of my day consisted of me and Lexi running around Tucson filming for our class. We filmed at the Zoo. Lexi was definitely not as thrilled as I was to see the giraffe’s and lions. I was starting to get extremely lethargic and at one point tried to communicate with a squirrel.
Part three of my day was at McKale Center. I’ve never been so pathetic and shameful. What’s even more shameful is how by accident was rude to someone, once again... Lex and I get out of the car and this very attractive ESPN man is talking to me. I was very tired but cordial until he asked me what we were filming. For some reason I responded, “nothing that has to do with this.”
Why? Why did I say that? He was all about me, and then I had to be cranky. Oh well.
 The only benefit to this moment is after the interview in McKale center, we got to go into the stadium and watch the practice. It was a closed practice: SO VIP. Lex tried to convince me to go to College Gameday meaning wake up at 5 AM and be spirited. I would rather gnaw on rocks and sit on an ice pick. This Kitty needs some sleep and a nice glass of wine. Well maybe a bottle.
Happy weekend wildcats. Meow.