Game Day at UA!


On Saturday, Sept. 9, The Arizona Wildcats took on The University of Houston Cougars. The Cougars won the game with a score of 19-16.  Game day starts early here in Tucson, where people wake up, get ready and fire the BBQ up. Many people enjoy hotdogs, various cheese dips and anything with BBQ sauce on it. Some fans like to invite friends, family and anyone who is a fan of the Wildcats to these celebrations. The environment is electric at The University of Arizona’s campus when a football game is scheduled!


The fans are so committed to cheering on their team no matter what happens. The students get even more pumped, so I can see where the saying “’Zona Zoo stays the whole game” comes from; students want to be there to root on their team until the very end of the game. Whether or not the team you are rooting for wins or loses, the support is appreciated and no matter what happens, the team knows you are in the stands getting excited about a play.

Bradley Fleishman, a junior at The University of Arizona, says his favorite thing about game day is “the school spirit.”

“It’s really awesome. Everyone in Tucson is decked out in red and blue, hanging up banners, waving pom-poms and supporting the wildcats in any way they can,” Fleishman said. “It’s always a great atmosphere at the tailgates and at the game. Being in ‘Zona Zoo during the game is an experience I will never forget.”


Students are always finding creative and fun ways to support the Wildcats. Danielle Mayer, a senior at the university of Arizona, says “my favorite thing about game day is dressing up with my best friends, picking out what to wear, and creating those college memories that will last a lifetime.”


The next football game scheduled for the Arizona Wildcats Oct. 7th versus The University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado, at Folsom Field.