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Fuel is the new food eatery on campus. 
Inside the newly renovated UA Recreation Center you can see students lining up for a savory nutritious meal. Students pay extra fees for these renovations so let’s enjoy them!
According to a presentation by Mark Zakrzewski, interim director of UA Campus Recreation, at the ASUA meeting Jan 18, $140.00 of  student fees are slated for the rec and its costs every semester.
New on-campus ventures like Fuel and Wildcat Threads, a clothing store full of workout gear, help keep our fees flat. 
Best things about Fuel:
Organic, non-fat frozen yogurt with no chemical additives.
Organic baby greens for your salad or sandwich.
A water bar where for a few cents you can fill your bottle with your choice of vitamin-charged, filtered water.
Its directly across from the new OSCR computing lounge with brand new Mac displays and a quiet environment with tech help.
Photographs by Allison Mullally ©2011

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