The Drank Diaries: Woop Juice


Happy, happy Halloweek girls.  If you are new to campus and you haven’t experienced Halloween U of A style, then you are in for a fun couple of days.  You have double the costumes, double the parties, and of course, double the alcohol content.  Try making this fun punch for a pregame that wont be soon forgotten. (Or maybe it will be if you drink enough of it).  And as always, be safe! 

2 Liters of 7-up

1 can of fruit punch concentrate

1 can of lemonade concentrate

1 can of limeade concentrate

2-4  16 oz cans of redbull (optional)

fifth of Everclear

1 Handle of vodka (of your choosing)


Mix all of these goodies up into a cooler filled with ice until the concentrate is disintegrated.


Happy Halloween, loves. :)