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DO AS THE STARS DO: Miley and Demi’s food for thought

Not typically a fan of Disney made superstars like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, this week I am making a toast to these women. Both Miley and Demi have been through hell and back in embarrassing entanglements. Who could forget when Miley’s promiscuous colors were revealed via her Vanity Fair photo shoot. Dressed only in a red blanket, Miley’s image transformed from Disney role model, to 16-year-old girl with too much fame, too fast. Demi Lovato also has been through a fair share of reputation-damaging experiences. She has had a constant struggle with eating disorders and some substance abuse throughout her climb up the Hollywood ladder of fame. We all have skeletons in our closet. Miley’s and Demi’s are the ones we get to judge, criticize, and shake our heads in disbelief at.
Shockingly, these young divas have pushed their rivalry aside and bonded over a serious issue. Miley tweeted Nov. 11 “By calling girls like me fat this is what you’re doing to other people. I love MYSELF and if you could say the same.” She then posted a picture of Marilyn Monroe, perhaps the most iconic woman of all-time, with the caption “PROOF that you can de adored by thousands of men, even when your thighs touch.” Go Miley! This is a breakthrough moment for her, finally using her fame to project a positive message for women. Demi Lovato commented back to Miley “AMEN!” and the girls went back and forth ranting on their support for one another and “sexy, curvy bodies.”

Maybe it has taken years of scrutiny and mistakes, but these girls have learned from their past and have grown into mature, beautiful and “curvy” women. Who better to preach than true Hollywood victims themselves? We all battled the Freshman 15, think about battling the constant Hollywood 100. Most Hollywood starlets struggle daily to keep their weights at or below 100. This may be considered normal on Sunset and Rodeo Drive but here, in the real world, where people actually need and want tasty food, positive messages from celebrities are food for thought.
Hearing and seeing these girls support healthy weights and lifestyles is the icing on the cake I so sinfully enjoy.
We can learn so much from Miley and Demi’s overcoming of their body image obstacles. Our bodies are each unique. Striving to have a body we were not born with is unreasonable.
Not all of us are lucky enough to call hunks like Liam Hemsworth, of “The Hunger Games”, our boyfriends, who told US Weekly that Miley is sexiest when she is biting into a steak sandwich with sauce running down her face. Keeping a network of supportive friends and significant others is crucial. If you feel insecure about your curves around your man then your body is too bootlicious for him and you need to find a new one. We all have image issues and finally, two of Hollywood’s most talked about ladies have joined us. Thank you Miley and Demi for opening up and encouraging healthy bodies. Do as these stars do and flaunt your sexy curves with confidence. 

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