DIY Halloween Costumes Perfect for Your Zodiac Sign

The most fun holiday is only two weeks away. And as Halloween is coming around the corner most people are wondering what they should be. Well, I’ve compiled a list of Halloween costumes that are perfect for your zodiac sign.

Aries: Superhero

Superheros share your adventurous and energetic attitude. This is why it would be an accurate costume for your zodiac sign. Everyone will be looking at your creative costume that totally works for your zodiac sign.

How to DIY this costume:

Taurus: Unicorn

Everyone knows Taurus are warmhearted and loving, similar to the mystical creature, the unicorn. This is why you would look perfect dressed up as an unicorn. 

How to DIY this costume:

Gemini: Frat Boy

Frat Boys are known to be youthful and lively, just like Geminis. With your witty personality your perfect Halloween costume would definitely be a Frat boy.

How to DIY this costume:

Cancer: Goddess 

Goddesses are known for their protective attitude, just like Cancers. As a Goddess your imaginative personality will definitely shine.

How to DIY this costume:

Leo: Alien

With Leo's enthusiastic personality, an alien would be an suitable costume. Aliens are known for their out of the world characterstics, which would highlight your creative side.

How to DIY this costume:

Virgo: Girl Scout

Girl Scouts hold modest and shy characteristics close to their hear. With an inventive twist, being a Girl Scout will be the excellent costume the intelligent Virgos.

Libra: Bunny

Because of Libra's romantic and charming personality, a classic bunny costume would be fitting. This costume is known for social people, which is appropriate according to a Libra's personality. 

Scorpio: Firefighter

With the determined personality of a firefighter, a Scorpio would look impeccable in this costume. Their powerful and passionate personality would shine bright and cause people to start a conversation with you.

How to DIY this costume:

Capricorn: School Girl

This practical costume would be perfect for a Capricorn. Just like school girls a Capricorn is patient and humorous, which is why this would be an excellent choice.

How to DIY this costume:

Aquarius: Lifeguard

Despite Aquarius not being a water sign, their symbol is a Water Bearer which is very similar to the job of a lifeguard. An Aquarius' loyal and friendly attitude would be emphasized in a creative lifeguard costume. 

Sagittarius: Sports Player

A sports player sometimes has the passion for sports because of their freedom personality. This is similar to the characteristics of a Sagittarius. This costume will reiterate your good humored personality.

Pieces: TY toy 

TY toys are a childhood favorite and with an artistic twist, this would be a wonderful choice for the compassionate Pisces. They are specifically known for being sensitive and imaginative which is similar to the characteristics of this beloved toy.