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DIY Bang Cutting

A trend that been big since the 80s? Bangs.
Bangs are the short artfully cut hairs that cover or frame your forehead.  But when your in college this trend tends to grow out because you don’t have time to make a trip to the closest hair salon when you’re a college student. That is why I had to learn how to cut them myself.  Lucky you, I’m about to leak all of my hardly amateur fringe cutting secrets to all of our lovely readers.

First thing your going to want to do is invest in a pair of hair cutting scissors.  These scissors are different from normal scissors in that they are quite obviously smaller for easier movement and use.  If you use large scissors your are at risk of going for an inch of hair, and accidentally hacking five.   Hair cutting scissors are also much sharper and pointier then regular house hold scissors so that it make clean cuts, eliminating the factor of split ends.  You can buy these scissors at any beauty store. If you have edgier choppy bangs, skip buying scissors and go for a razor blade.  (A single disposable one that you can buy at any grocery store.)

Lets get started.

If your cutting with scissors:
Step one- Pull back your hair.  The only loose hair should be what you want to cut.  If you leave it all down you could lose your place or confuse yourself. 
*Tip! Make sure your hair is completely dry. Including your bangs.  Wet hair shrinks when drying so you could end up cutting a lot more then you mean to if you cut your bangs wet.  

Step two- Hold your scissors at a 45-degree angle and start snipping upwards.  Never cut in a straight line because no one on this earth has steady enough hands to cut a perfect line of hair. 
*Tip! Do not over cut.  Snip a little bit at a time while looking into a mirror until you like what you see.  I know it is only hair and it will grow back in time, but do you really want to spend the next couple months with above the eyebrow bangs?

If your cutting with a razorblade:
Step one- Same as if your cutting with scissors. 

Step two- Hold your razorblade at the top between two fingers to keep it steady.  Be careful, haircutting utensil or not, those babies are sharp.

Step three- Holding it above the hair, move the razor in an up and down motion against the hair you want cut.  Not stopping, work your way across the whole area you want cut.  Repeat this step until it is at the length you want. This should result in an edgier, sharper bang.

And there you have it.  Practice makes perfect, so now would be the time to break out the Barbies no one knows you brought to college and start snipping.  I wish I knew these tips when I was nine and got a hold of my mom’s crinkle cut scissors and decided to give myself a “haircut”.  You don’t have to go to cosmetology school to know how to work the scissors; you just have to know where to look on the Internet. Good luck! 

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