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Who’s excited?! The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and fraternity formals are stirring! This may be the most stressful time of the year for us gals. Especially when we have to tan, get highlights, keep up with our acrylics, and find a hot guy for Spring Fling! I’m not encouraging you to go crazy. But, I will tell you a little secret. There are tasty alcoholic beverages that you can make on the spot if you are at a party.  Yes, you can continue to count (the calories) while you’re out. I bet your thinking, oh here we go, another lecture of how to drink responsibly. Well, yes, and no. I’m encouraging you to know your limit, but to also keep up good eating/drinking habits when you’re out! Obviously I’m not a bar tender of any sort. But I have attempted to make my own healthy cocktail, which has landed me wasting lots of time and energy. Not to mention, money. So here’s what you should do:
1)    Cut out the chasers!
The sugar content of whatever soda your holding in your hand is a lot higher than the alcohol you’re taking a shot of.
2)    NO BEER!
I know Beer Pong is tempting when you want to impress a hot guy, but Google It. Every website with any credibility will tell you that beer is the first type of alcohol to pack on the pounds!
3)    Drink it Straight!
(Ick, I just got Chills!) But, here’s the deal. If you hold in your hand a small martini with two shots of vodka and a maraschino cherry, you have already won Healthy Drinker of the Night!
4)    No Artificial Flavoring!
This goes along with “Drink it Straight,” but I have to emphasize this point. This includes and is not limited to: any fruity twisted Smirnoff, whip cream/chocolate/cotton candy Absolute, UV Vodka, mixing of different types of alcohol, any vodka with dyes etc.
5)    EAT!
We all have our hang over cures. We swear by them, for years! But, I’m here to help you not hurt you. So here’s the truth: No more donuts, burritos, bagels, nachos, pizza, Mcdonald’s fries, In’n’Out double double or any other greasy food. In order to help your body recover, you have to replenish your vitamins and minerals. This means, salad, fruits, veggies, peanut butter, nuts, dried natural fruit and LOTS of WATER! You can even get away with a loaded Jamba Juice smoothie!
6)    My Healthy Cocktail of Choice:
A Lemon Drop Martini, the only sugar to worry about is the sugar around the rim of the glass. Lemons have the lowest calorie count of any fruit and the vodka is pure. *FUKU, or CPK have the best!
Remember these basic five rules for your next night out. I promise you won’t feel the guilt in the morning. Well, as much guilt as you felt last weekend. Remember, these are suggestions to help you and should not be used as professional medical advice. I’ll show you my favorite websites that share several other ways to keep yourself from slipping up during your night out. Don’t give up so easily. I have found charts, pictures, and recipes, so if you only have a few minutes shout out some of these facts to your friends as you scramble out the door.
For Recipes & Pictures Visit:
For the Basics Visit:
For the BEST Alcohol Calorie Chart EVER Visit:

My name is Jessica Cooper and in the Fall I will be a Senior at the University of Arizona. I am majoring in journalism with a dual minor in history and judaic studies. My focus is in both print and online journalism. I have loved being a part of the Her Campus team for the last semester and am so excited to be the campus correspondant for the 2011-2012 year.
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