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Campus Celebrity: Nicole Sale

This week’s Campus Celebrity is Nicole Sale, a Chapel Haven mentor. Besides focusing on schoolwork, she spends every Tuesday hanging out with people who have autism.

Age: 19

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Major: Management Information Systems


What is Chapel Haven?

“Chapel Haven is a home for adults ranging from 18-25 years old with autism. It is about five minutes away from campus. It is an apartment complex where they all live together. The goal is to help develop life skills in order for them to be able to live a more independent and normal life.”


How do you like being apart of Chapel Haven?

“I absolutely love going to Chapel Haven, it is the highlight of my week. We go every Tuesday. They are the kindest people with the biggest hearts. I do not consider them as people I mentor, but more as my friends.”


What are some activities you have done at Chapel Haven?

“Each week there is a new activity. Karaoke, painting, and cooking is only a few things we have done this year.”


Why did you decide to join Chapel Haven?

“I decided to be a mentor at Chapel Haven because I have always loved working with people with special needs. I have been interested in it since middle school and might make it something I do in the future with my career.”


What is your favorite memory of Chapel Haven?

“My favorite memory at Chapel Haven was when Ian, a resident there, saw that I was dressed up as a bunny during Halloween week. I had bunny ears on and whiskers drawn on my face. So he went and put on cat ears and drew whiskers on his face to match me.”


What is your favorite part of U of A?

“My favorite part would definitely be the school pride. I love how proud everyone is to be attending this school. Everyone is always getting involved and helping out. Getting involved on campus makes this big school seem smaller.”

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