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Campus Celebrity: Giuliana Fusco

Giuliana Fusco is a sophomore and a future DJ at KAMP Student Radio. She’s currently in the process of getting her own show once a week.

Name: Giuliana Fusco

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business marketing

Sun or rain: To be honest, probably sun.

Favorite mode of transportation: My car. I call it the G-Mobile. It looks like the Batmobile. It’s a matte black, 2-door Hyundai car.

How long have you been part of KAMP: Since January, a month and a half.

What type of show do you think you’ll have: Probably a variety show, but each week will have a theme.

Favorite type of music: It depends on my mood and who I’m with, but probably Indie.

Best memory of KAMP: Going to KAMP Presents, because it was the second concert I’ve ever been to. The first was 21 Pilots.

Favorite song: Runaway – Ziggy Alberts

Hi, I'm Taylor! I'm a junior at the UA studying journalism and Spanish. My favorite hobbies are sleeping, writing, and drinking coffee!
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