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Campus Celebrity: Cristopher Crawford

Christopher Crawford found a way to make his mark at the University of Arizona. He wanted to benefit the campus and give students opportunities to become great leaders by creating a new medical club called Arizona Global Health Project.

Name: Christopher Crawford

Age: 21

Major: Biology

Tell me about the new club on campus.

 “Arizona Global Health Project’s (AZGHP) goal is to serve local and international communities’ health needs by training members to be confident public speakers and leaders. Our club emphasizes the importance of public health on a global scale by educating our members and communities about current trends in public health. We volunteer with local organizations such as the community food bank and Southern Arizona Aids Foundation. We are also partnered with New Birth Mexican Mission, which makes our biannual medical trip to Puerto Penasco possible. “

Why did you decide to start up a club?

 “We decided to make this club because we saw a need for a medical club that developed member’s skills both before and after their medical trip. Many prehealth medical clubs are so focused on their trip that they neglect other important aspects of student development. We wanted our members to have clinical experience as well as extensive community service, public speaking and other leadership skills.”

Is it difficult to create a club on campus?

 “The most difficult part of creating club on campus is the first year. It can be tough to attract attention from students when there are so many other clubs.  Our enrollment has tripled this year and we are proud of the direction that our club is headed.”

What is your favorite part of being apart of this club?

“What I like most about this club is the freedom it provides members and officers to explore topics that they are interested in and then affect change. For instance, I recently gave a presentation on sexual health and am in the process of planning a campus wide initiative to raise awareness about proper condom usage.”

What do you like about attending the University of Arizona?

 “I love the breadth of opportunities this large campus provides us with. There is something here for everyone and if there isn’t you can make something!”

Post graduation plans?

“I’m currently applying to dental school and hope that my experience with AZGHP will show the admissions board that I’ve developed some of the many skills necessary to be a dentist.”

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