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Become A Spray Tan Fan

It may be that you don’t have the time between classes to sit out and work on your tan; possibly you want to take the safer UV ray-free route to that perfect golden glow. Regardless the answer to all of your problems is wrapped into one package. Sun-less tanning.   
Now, I’m not saying I am a professional, (definitely not Snooki status), but I have had my fair share of turns in the booth.  Hey, don’t judge.  I am just a pale east-coaster looking to fit into this AZ world where there are only two shades of skin color; Tan and Tanner.  I can definitely help out to reduce the chances of waking up in the morning looking like a corroded orange.  Follow these steps and your golden. Literally.
1.                     Exfoliate and Moisturize- You want your tan to be even and last as long as possible.  Exfoliate the night before.  Make sure to get rid of any and all dead skin on your body.  And I don’t just mean your legs.  Make sure to get your arms, back, stomach, and even face.  This can be done with any exfoliating scrub and cleanser.  That way as your dead skin cells flake off, your tan wont go with it.  Keep moisturizing every night and your tan can last up to one week longer.
2.                     Go au natural-  Make sure you aren’t wearing any makeup, have your hair pulled up, and (although this is optional) tan naked.  Wearing a bathing suit will not only give you tan lines, but the lines wont be even after a couple of days because of the unpredictable way the spray tan comes off.  It is better to just go naked and avoid the awkward explanation of why your skin looks like you have a flesh eating virus.
3.                     Read the instructions- I know that spray tanning isn’t rocket science, but don’t get cocky.  Once you step into that booth there is no going back. Make sure to know the four positions you must stand in, when to turn, and where in the booth to stand.  Tip: do not stand too far back from the nozzles or your tan will come out spotty. The closer you get, the more concentrated your tan.
Now its time to flaunt your golden bods, girls! No rush, though.  It’s a long summer at U of A.  

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