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Antonia Ellis, Bringing the Glamour to Tucson

Name: Antonia Ellis
Education: University of Miami in Ohio (Undergrad); Harvard University (Masters)
Hometown: Ohio
This being her first year at the University of Arizona, Professor Antonia Ellis has made quite the name for herself across campus. Having produced, co-produced, and written a variety of television shows and movies, Professor Ellis would best be recognized by our readers for her production of HBO’s Sex and the City. Having grown up in Ohio, she got her undergrad at the University of Miami in Ohio, moved to London where she got a job with the BBC playing the classical piano. Her career has taken her from Florida, to Los Angeles and New York. Professor Ellis is a successful writer, producer and now teacher as well as mentor.
HC: What is your official job title?
Antonia: I am a producer, co-producer, supervisor, and now a Professor.
HC: As I understand you worked on producing Sex and the City, for how long and where was the filming based?
Antonia: I produced 5 seasons of the show based in Manhattan, New York but shot in Long Island City in the Queens studio.
HC: What other productions have you or are you working on?
Antonia: I am currently co-producing the show Royal Pains which had me traveling between New York, Los Angeles and Tucson every other week if not every week. I also was the supervisor of the show Men in Tree’s on ABC (2006-2008). I worked in Santa Fe on the movie City Slickers, and here in Arizona on a few other western films. There have been a variety of other movies and shows I have worked on as well. Currently there is a reality show and web-series I am currently pitching, we’ll see how that goes.
HC: What made you want to become a Professor?
Antonia: I wanted an opportunity to give back and help students get to where they’re going faster. To achieve their goals and help them get from point A to point B. I am very passionate about internships and hiring interns. I have done many panels and workshops from step-up Women’s Network.
HC: Has your profession allowed you some amazing travel opportunities?
Antonia: Yes, I have done much traveling and loved it. I have spent much time traveling through New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Miami, Germany, various places in Eastern Europe. I was able to attend the International Berlin Film Festival and had studied abroad in London after college working for the BBC. I even got the opportunity to meet my mom and some friends in Italy to run a marathon through the city of Florence. It was incredible.
HC: Do you plan to continue teaching at the University of Arizona?
Antonia: I sure do hope so! Right now I am teaching Producing 1 and Producing 2 and plan to teach the Art of Developing and Pitching Television Series in the Fall (2011).
This yoga loving, scuba diving, sugar-free baking, dog loving, classical pianist has so many amazing aspirations, hobbies, and goals. For all of you studying the Media Arts I hope you are given the opportunity to learn from Professor Ellis, and for everyone else I encourage you to take a moment to meet her. Her accomplishments are ever impressive. Plus, she produced Sex and the City, it doesn’t get more exciting than that!

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