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Annie Chandler Second UA Swimmer in Two Years Nominated for NCAA Award

What does it take to become an NCAA Woman of the Year Nominee? Just ask Annie Chandler, University of Arizona alum, Pac-12 woman of the year, and ridiculously talented swimmer. She’s shown us all once again what it means to be a top lady wildcat. NCAA Woman of the Year must prove herself in academic excellence, athletic achievement, and play a valuable role in her society. Chandler somehow does more than exceed these requirements. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and a minor in Art History. Aside from her stellar swimming record Chandler has experience as a managing editor with the Tombstone Epitaph and is published in a 2011 Swimming World Magazine issue. She is also a winner of a John C. Clum award. I have to say I am impressed. It’s barely the second week into the school year and I’m already trying to decide which classes I could get away with skipping.
            Not only was Chandler able to maintain a high GPA throughout her collegiate career but at the same time dominated the swimming scene and earned a jaw dropping reputation. With a cousin and father who have both played in the NFL I think it is safe to say athleticism runs in the family. Must be nice. In 2010 Chandler set the NCAA record in the 100 breaststroke. Twice she has been a member of the U.S. National Swim team and has competed in the 2010 Pan Pacific championships. She was also a member of the 2008 championship team, the first ever at the University of Arizona. Her performance made such an impact she became 2009-2010 captain and later on was awarded the Ruby award which is granted to the top female athlete at Arizona.
            Chandler has won countless awards for her academics and athleticism but when she is not in the classroom or in the pool, or even hanging out with her professional swimmer boyfriend Matt Grevers, she still finds time to volunteer around the community. She participated in events such as “Love of Reading Week” and “Jim Click Run N’ Roll”. She volunteered in a hospital, visited patients, and gave out Christmas gifts at the Casa de los Ninos Children’s Home. It’s apparent to see why someone such as Chandler would be nominated for the NCAA Woman of the Year. Out of the 471 total nominations the NCAA received, Chandler has made it to the top thirty. Eventually they will pick a top nine and the winner (fingers crossed) will be announced October 16 at a dinner in Indianapolis.
            A few of the other Woman of the Year nominees include fellow Pac-12 member and gymnast Mandi Rodriguez of Oregon State, and UConn hoop star Maya Moore. Not sure if any of you remember this but last year’s winner, Justine Schluntz, is also a University of Arizona Alum and a past teammate of Chandler’s. Talk about bragging rights for being awesome. According to Sharon Beverly, NCAA Woman of the Year selection chair and director of athletics & physical education at Vassar College “This award catapults the recipient into the next phase of her life and paves the way for a successful future in any chosen profession. When you consider the academic and athletic accomplishments of each of the candidates for this award and the ways they have given back to society, the Woman of the Year honorees are the top echelon of NCAA role models.”
            I know all you crazy Wildcats are getting geared up for the first football game against NAU on Saturday (I can already smell the 40,000 sweaty college students tailgating and I love it). But here at Her Campus we had to mention Chandler’s accomplishments and I’m sure I speak for the whole ZonaZoo when I say good luck with everything and thanks for all you’ve done for our school.

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