6 Ways To Become an Instagram Pro

Ever catch yourself locked into your Instagram feed for long periods of time admiring famous bloggers and your favorite reality TV stars? Sounds like you may be a little Insta obsessed. Don’t panic, it happens to everyone during some point in their lives.

It’s time I reveal my top 6 tips to the public on how to Instagram just like your favorite social media starlets. With some cool filters and pops of color, you will be well on your way to becoming #instafamous.


Bright colors and fun patterns will ALWAYS catch the eye of your followers. Embrace the color in the world around you and capture it for a perfect Instagram!




2) Your Personality

Posed pictures can be necessary at times, but don’t be afraid to show your followers the real you. Candid photos are the best kind of photos, and it allows people to see your true self through your photos. Don’t be a poser, be your funny self!


3) Find your go-to filter

Don’t be hesitant to throw a filter on that insta. My favorite editing apps for my instagrams and regular pictures are VSCO Cam and Afterlight. Filters give your pictures that extra pizazz that your followers will LOVE.


4) No more white borders!

Quit posting these tiny little pictures where you can barely tell which person is which! Embrace yourself and your pictures and allow people to see what you really look like. Plus, tiny pictures don’t stand out among big colorful pictures.

Example of an Instagram no-no:


 5) Quality over quantity

I know it’s difficult to resist posting three separate photos from that super fun pool party you went to this weekend, but trust me, just use one. Your followers will get bored if you continue to post pictures from the same event. Prioritize your favorite pictures and post your absolute favorite! You’ll thank me later.


6) Don’t be afraid to be you!

This issue has been coming up a lot, especially with college women. Editing your photos to make you look skinnier or make your eyelashes appear longer is just plain silly. Embrace your beauty and don’t be shy to post a natural looking picture of you. Your followers understand that no one is perfect, and no one expects you to be looking like a Barbie in all of your pictures.






Edited by: Meryl Engle