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5 Things to Look Forward to on this Season of The Bachelor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arizona chapter.

January is fast approaching and the women of America all know what that means…Bachelor season! As an avid fan of The Bachelor, I couldn’t be more excited to watch the dreamy Ben Higgins on his search to find love. Below are five things to look forward to on the 2016 season of The Bachelor:

1) Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins alone is one of the biggest reasons to get excited for this season. Standing at 6’5” he is practically the definition of tall dark and handsome, and let’s not forget that dreamy smile of his that will make your heart just want to melt. And the best part about it? You get to see it all season long.

2) Ben Higgins is ready to settle down

As said Higgins told ABC, “You should come on ‘The Bachelor’ if you’re ready to, first off, share an experience that will change your life…and if you’re serious about meeting somebody.” We all remember Ben from Kaitlyn’s season as the more reserved and sensitive guy that took awhile to open up. He was one of America’s favorites and although he was left heartbroken as the third runner-up, this season, Ben is ready to settle down and is not messing around.

3) Professions

The Bachelor is known for picking women with crazy professions such as “dog lover,” and “free spirit,” but this season has a whole new plethora of crazy occupations you will never anticipate. Some of the occupations of the women who are looking for love include, “chicken enthusiast,” “twin,” and even “unemployed.”

4) Variety of Contestants

There seems to be a variety of contestants this season, including many different women of different ages and occupations. A few of the women on this season are even as young as 22 years old! Who will Ben go for?

5) Travelling

Many fans were disappointed with Chris Soule’s season of the bachelor in that he chose to stay in the United States for the majority of the filming. On Ben Higgins’ season, we will be seeing a lot more of travelling in beautiful places such as Mexico City, the Bahamas, Jamaica and more!

Tune in January 4th for the premiere of the 20th season of The Bachelor, and watch Ben as he meets all the women, and even a potential wife!