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5 Steps to Getting Over a Break Up in College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Arizona chapter.

1.) Look to your friends and family for comfort​.

Break-ups are never easy, but if you confide in loved ones they will remind you how incredible you are, with or without a partner. However, you must be careful to confide in the right people. Many people project their own wants and desires onto others. Find friends who will look at your situation objectively because if you think you feel bad now, there is always a way to feel worse by seeking advice from the wrong people.

2.) Manage social media.​

Instagram and Snapchat are deadly during a break up, especially in college when people are constantly posting about drunken nights out. As hard as it sounds, try to avoid looking at their profiles. In fact, go on a social media cleanse, It will do you good in more ways than one.

3.) Make a playlist​.

Spotify is your best friend during a break up. Two playlists are needed during the first weeks of a break up. One is a compilation of songs that make you cry. I recommend “When Your a Lil’ Upset” to get those tears out. There is no shame in crying and letting yourself hurt. When you have allowed yourself a mourning period, start listening to a playlist that includes songs like “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, songs that make you feel empowered and happy. Maybe make a workout playlist, which leads me to my next piece of advice.

4.) Stay busy​.

Create a routine for yourself. You probably have a lot of free time now that you aren’t spending hours with your significant other. Go to the gym, throw yourself into school work or take up a hobby you forgot you loved while you were with this person. Being productive and active will help to clear your mind and distract you from the break up.

5.) Lastly, do not close off your heart​.

Many people become bitter about love after the end of a serious relationship. This is easy to do if you thought they were “the one” or if you saw a future with this person. Losing hope is the worst thing a person can do after a breakup. The relationship ended because the two of you were not meant to be and although this is a hard pill to swallow, something better is waiting for you. Love is a beautiful thing and one person should never have the power to ruin it for you.