5 Reasons Why You Should Not Focus on Academics in College

1. Health Comes Before Everything

You cannot be efficient and accurate in the classroom without clean health. Take time for a walk. Eat healthy not with convenience in mind. Get enough sleep. Yow will remember more when that exam comes. Avoid staying up all night. You want to think about accurate answers, not the fatigue you are feeling.

2. There Are Multiple Ways to Reach Your Goals

You do not have to overwork yourself to earn the respect of others. Find an opportunity that allows you to show your skills but be time efficient simultaneously. Finding opportunities might require research. Work smarter not harder.

3. Cs Get Degrees

Someone who has a 4.0 gets the same degree as someone with a 2.5-grade point average. Your experiences and personal attributes mean more than grades. Focus on doing activities that will put you ahead of your competition. 

4. Your Degree Helps But Does Not Guarantee Anything

Some people have college degrees while others do not. Consider the possibility that the career you want might not be in demand. Often it is about who you know not what you know. Keep your mind open. An unexpected better opportunity might come along.

5. Success Means Nothing Without Good Company to Enjoy It With

Your career will help you pay off your expenses and over time will allow you to have spending money. However, you will want people around you to enjoy those experiences with you. Invest time in your social life. It will be worth it on the days when your work days are difficult.

Photo By Nevin Krcmarek/ Unsplash