5 Must-Haves to Wear to Stagecoach

It’s country music-lovers favorite time of the year: Stagecoach has arrived! This is one of the biggest country music events of the year. Here is a little guide for you to pick out your perfect outfit to shake it at Stagecoach.


1)   Tons of denim—whether it be jeans, shorts, or jackets, denim is a country fad that will never fade and that you can never go wrong with.

2)   Graphic shirts with catchy country lyrics or phrases (flannels also work too). Anything red, white, and blue works too!

3)   Cowboy hat—the classic trend that will forever be a heartbreaking look.

4)   Cowboy boots—easiest to dance in and cute with any outfit.

5)   Country accessories—whether it be a huge belt buckle, trendy sunnies, or themed jewelry, make sure you always look photo ready!