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16 Things Girls Ponder During Sex


Should I Sleep with Him?

We’ve all been there, that pivotal moment while you’re hooking up with that special guy; all clothing as been ripped off each other and you are down to only your panties. A thousand thoughts are rushing through your head, but the impending question on your mind: should I sleep with him or tell him to stop?

Things are heating up and it’s time to either ignite the fire or put down the match. Deciding whether to sleep with your guy or not is completely your choice. If you feel he is pressuring you in anyway, you can always say no. You are a woman of power. Take control of the situation and be a boss in the bedroom.

Did I Remember to Take Birth Control?

It’s been a hectic week and you cannot recall the last time you took your birth control pill. Your man forgot to bring a condom and is relying on you to provide protection. Of course, this leads you to have a mini freak-out in your mind. Best call would be to wait until you have suitable protection before having sex. Be safe, babes!

Omg, This Hurts! Is it In Yet?

Ouch! Sex can seriously hurt us lovely ladies, especially at the beginning of a hook up. It’s like shoving a watermelon through a keyhole! Okay, maybe not that intense, but it still hurts.

What is He Doing with My Legs?

Oh, how we all love those awkward positions guys always seem to put our legs into whiling having sex. Why a guy’s go-to move is to put your legs around his neck, leaving you like a twisted pretzel underneath him, we may never know. But this is just one of many interlocking positions guys love during sex. Don’t question it, just go along for the ride!

Did He Really Just Use a Porn Move on Me?

We have all slept with a guy or two that brings porn into the bedroom. This can be from performing the simplest porn move on us to trying to wow us with an advanced intricate move, which they studied from their favorite porn video. Unless a guy can execute the porn move properly, his bold attempt to heat things up just becomes an awkward mess.

How Do I Look in This Angle?

Having sex while being insecure with your body can be as uncomfortable as trying on new clothes in a fitting room. Which is why sometimes us girls opt for sex in the dark, instead of daylight or revealing lighting. Sex is one of the most intimate acts of human life and feeling insecure with your body can ruin the moment. Try to embrace what you have and enjoy yourself.

Did He Just Slap Me There?

Sometimes, guys get too excited during sex and like to slap different parts of our bodies. For instance, slapping our boobs, which may turn some girls on, but just creeps out the rest of us, not to mention it hurts! If you find yourself in a similar situation, ask him if he wants to get slapped in the face, because that’s exactly what you’ll do if he keeps this up…let him know the crazy he’s serving.

What the Heck Did I Just Say?

When your man finds your G-spot, oftentimes you can’t help what comes out of your mouth. So you end up saying something kind of crazy and hope he wasn’t listening. No worries, you’re just feeling a little extraterrestrial, but you need to get your head out of space, before you say something you’ll regret!

Why is He Being So Quiet?

Typical thought: “Why can’t I hear him moaning? I’m doing some of my best work! Is he not into it? Should I change it up or switch positions? Can he reassure me that he likes what I’m doing, please?” Guys seriously need to be more vocal in the bedroom. Moan away boys, otherwise we just think you are bored.

Did He Even Notice My $69 Lingerie?

You spend 2 hours at the mall picking out the perfect lingerie, hoping your new sexy outfit will set the mood. When you finally reveal your hot new bodysuit to your man, he looks at it for merely 3 seconds before ripping it off. Unfortunately, you devoted 2 hours to finding lingerie, all for him to appreciate it for 3 seconds, before putting you and your $69 bodysuit into sex position 69.

Um…am I Supposed to be Feeling Something?

Let’s face it, this thought runs through our minds far too often then it should. Although, sometimes guys know what they are doing while they are trying to pleasure us, most of they time they have no idea. This leads us girls to fake moan, just to avoid the awkwardness. Perhaps we should let them know that their moves are lacking in results, in order to save another future lady. These boys need to seriously step up their game, and become men already.

Wow, You Aren’t Going to Return the Favor?

“Um, I’m waiting…any day fuckboy…are you seriously not going to? So you begged me to go down on you and then give me nothing in return? Wow, okay…you ain’t getting shit from me again.” This is the common thought process of any girl that gives head to her man and receives nothing in return. Put him in his place ladies, he should know that what you give is what you receive. Always.

Are My Legs Still Smooth?

“I know I just shaved my legs and many other parts of my body 2 hours ago, as I was anticipating this moment, but I think I already have stubble.”

Lets just say, 5’oclock shadow exists on a girl’s legs.

…Why Can’t He Find My Vagina?

Sometimes intense thrusting during sex, leads to your man’s joystick falling out of place. He tries to put it back in, but struggles to find the right hole aka your vagina. After multiple failed attempts, you really question his intelligence. He will become frustrated and eventually ask you to do it.

Am I Being too Loud, or too Quiet?

While some of us may be louder than others, are you being too loud while being pleasured by your man? Unless your lover mentions something about the volume with which you express your sexual enjoyment, I wouldn’t worry about it. Whatever makes you feel sexy and have fun during sex is what is important. Do what makes you feel comfortable, but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!

When Am I Going to Orgasm?

“So we’ve been going at it for about 30 minutes now and I have yet to orgasm. Should I just give up hope of this occurring tonight? Oh no…he’s finishing. No wait I want to, too! Ugh whatever, I’m ordering Dominos.”

Yup, sad but accurate thought.

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