15 Things that Sorority Girls at U of A Instagrams

15 Things Every Sorority Girl At U of A Instagrams:

Whether it’s philanthropy events, party pictures, pool pictures, or photos with your BFFs, girls at the University of Arizona love to Instagram! All girls Instagrams at the Univeristy of Arizona share a few similar themes. Here are a few examples of what’s trending lately…

1. Trendy bikini pictures (because it’s summer year-round here)

No matter what month it is (even January), it’s always acceptable to post those trendy bikini pictures with your BFF’s, without judgment. Perks of AZ.

2. Themed party pictures

A.K.A the best kind of parties because you don’t have to re-wear your same going out clothes.

3. Pictures from date dashes and formals

If you don’t have a boyfriend when these events comes around, it’s such a fun experience scattering around to find a date!

4. Weekender pictures in Vegas

The best, most unforgettable weekend of your life.

5. Tailgating pictures

The classic “before you make it to the game” pictures. At least the one school spirit shirt you bursared goes to good use.


The big day has arrived! You finally get the chapter you’ve wanted so badly all of rush week to be apart of!

7. Recruitment week pictures

Everyone is trying to impress everyone this week.

8. Family Weekend pictures

You couldn’t be more thrilled that your family is in town and you can’t wait to show your parents your favorite fraternities and your beautiful sorority house. Get ready for a wild weekend.

9. Spring break in tropical places

We all go somewhere awesome for spring break and we’re determined to make everyone jealous.

10. Football and Basketball games. Go Wildcats!

Because let’s face it, we have the most school pride out there.

11. Community Service/Philanthropy pictures with your sisters

Our Philanthropies mean everything to us as sorority women and we want to make sure every one of our followers knows that.

12. Those inspirational, trendy quotes

Sometimes, you need to tell all of your followers just how deep you can really be.

13. Big/Little Reveal!

It’s the day everyone has waited for! After the week of countless gifts, you finally get to meet your big sister & best friend for the next 3 years!

14. Our amazing Arizona sunset pictures

If this doesn’t take your breath away, we’re not sure what will.

15. A million pictures in your letters

Let’s face it, no matter what house you’re in, you’re extremely proud and you want to show the world!