10 Signs That it's the End of the Year at U of A


We are all on the same page when it comes to the struggles of being in college. We can get through it! Only a few more days! Ace those finals!

1.     You order take out or delivery more than you ever cook.

You’re not at home with the parents anymore, and some of us don’t even now how to cook. But, boy, do we miss home-cooked meals. Papa John’s just ain’t cutting it anymore.

2.     There is always an excuse for skipping class.

Whether it may be “Eh, they don’t take attendance” or “I have already missed 75% of these classes, why go now?” or “Why on earth did I sign up for a class that begins before 11am?”

3.     Caffeine just doesn’t do it for you anymore.

We are all guilty of pulling all-nighters for studying (or binge watching Netflix), but what happens when coffee just doesn’t do it for you anymore? Redbull it is.

4.     We’re all sick of the same food choices on campus by the end of the year.

Not even Chick-Fil-A waffle fries sound appealing anymore. It’s time to go home and get some of mama’s cooking.

5.     You have officially run out of all supplies in your dorm/apartment.

Whether it is toilet paper or cereal, you refuse to go buy new supplies because you’re going home so soon. This is called living on the bare minimum.

6.     You have figured out that you need to get A’s on all of your finals to even pass the class, whereas in high school, you needed C’s on your finals to keep your A. The struggle is real; hang in there.

7.     You have officially given up on dressing yourself appropriately. You basically live in leggings and whatever clean shirts you have left (because at this point, we’re all a little too lazy to do laundry, sorry mom for the mountain I’m about to bring home).

8.     Your bank account has been completely cleaned out—Savings and all. Summer job where you at?

9.     Even though you have so many assignments to complete and so many exams to study for, you find yourself doing just about anything else.

10. You take naps like it’s your job. Let’s face it, we’re all exhausted.