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10 Natural Beauty Companies You’re Sure to Fall in Love With

We all want to look great. We all want our makeup to look on point and our skin to look flawless, but why do we sacrifice health for beauty? We shouldn't and other beauty companies agree. Here are 10 natrual beauty companies you're sure to fall in love with:


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Inspired by the beauty and the natural lifestyle of Korea’s pristine Jeju Island, innisfree is a natural and practical skin care beauty company. The company wishes to practice and promote green living and support causes that give back to the Earth and its communities. All of innisfree products are infused with intensive hydrating serum with green tea seed that will have your skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh. 


Image courtesy of RMS Beauty.

RMS beauty is dedicated to transforming the way women use makeup and what makeup they use. They pride themselves on their makeup that can heal and nourish the skin. The difference with RMS Beauty than other beauty companies is that it is aware of their use of minimal heat during the manufacturing process to keep all their nutrients used healthy and alive. You’ll fall in love with RMS Beauty because of its use of unrefined, organic, healing agents that provide easy blending, even for make-up beginners.


Image courtesy of Alima Pure.

Alima Pure believes in minimal ingredients for maximum impact, and all their cosmetic products represent that value. The company uses the purest ingredients for the best result. The best outcome is not only health benefits for your skin, but also makeup that lasts on your skin. Alima Pure has a wide variety of different shades to enhance your best features and take ahold of your self-expression. 

04. ILIA

Image courtesy of iliabeauty.com.

Ilia products will have your skin feeling and look alive through their products filled with clean and active ingredients. They pride themselves in finding the perfect balance of ingredients and synthetics. Not every ingredient is good for the skin, and not every synthetic is terrible. Ilia wants to empower its customers to not only feel beautiful while wearing their natural and elegant products but also by persuading you to become part of the clean beauty movement. 


Image courtesy of The LV Guide.

W3LL People take a modern approach to beauty products that are built on the ideas of simplicity, authenticity, and performance. All of W3LL People products contain premium natural ingredients that have been tested for the ultimate performance. The company recognizes that our skin absorbs 80% of what we put on it, so they have created innovative products that allow your skin room to move and breathe without creasing or fading. Your skin will surely be loving you now. 


Image courtesy of Cult Beauty.

Kjaer Weis is sparking the movement of high-performing, luxury makeup that is proud to be both organic, sustainable, and beautiful. The company ensures that all of their ingredients are Certified Natural and Certified Organic that allows them to pride themselves on their products’ green lifestyle. You’ll be falling in love with this company when you realize that their products are working and working for your skin, rather than against it.


Image courtesy of Burt's Bees.

Burt’s Bees pride themselves on their three core foundation ideals: people, profit, and the planet. All of their products’ ingredients are simple, natural, responsible, as well as, nurturing for your skin. When thinking about adopting more of a healthy lifestyle, you’ll realize how effective healthy and organic products can be for your skin. Burt’s Bees will be able to keep your skin nourished all day allowing you to look great too.


Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

Biossance is inspired by their use of innovative biotechnology that makes a positive impact on the world. They can create skincare that is effective and safe without harming the environment or animals. Biossance knows that skin care should not just be healthy for you and your body, but also the planet. Because of their high standards for perfection, they choose to use only use the most accurate and powerful ingredients in their products that will have you choosing their products in a heartbeat.


Image courtesy of Pinterest.

The founder of Kaia Natural works hard to start a movement that believes in taking toxins out of your beauty routine one product at a time. Kaia Natural’s products are all completely non-toxic that gives you a clean alternative from your standard beauty products. The company prides itself on being one of the most natural detoxes for your skin with their 2-in0-1 charcoal products. You’ll love the feeling after you have cleaned your skin with one of their amazing products.


Image courtesy of Cult Beauty.

Due to the founder of Odacité, Valerie Grandury’s personal experience with breast cancer, she founded Odacité. She wanted to make a product that did not sacrifice performance, but that was also was influential in efficacy and purity. Odacité’s products are produced with the most effective ingredients along with the less toxic materials. You’ll be quickly a fan of this beauty company for the lasting effect its products leave on your skin.

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