The 10 Drawing Ideas for 2019 Doodle for Google Challenge

Google is hosting its eleventh year of Doodle for Google. Doodle for Google is an annual contest to showcase your artistic talents. It is open for students K-12. This year’s theme is to create a design that highlights your biggest wishes for the future. The Doodles will be judged on the artist merit, creativity, and how well you expressed this year’s theme. If you are chosen as the winner, your art will be presented on Google. There is even a possibility of runner ups receiving some great prizes as well, such as scholarships or amazing tech packages for their schools. So, with all that wonderful news being sad, what is stopping you from entering? Lack of ideas? Well, here are ten ideas of our biggest wishes for the future to help get your creative brain juices flowing:


Image courtesy of Lifestyle.

Imagine this, you are stuck in the middle of some sketch nature opening, lost and without any way to communicate to anyone. These are the moments where we would be praying for an invention that allows WIFI to be available everywhere, especially free and easy access WIFI. Take your creativity and imagine what would that look like to the world. Multiple antennas all around the world? Or would there be a bright, safer, more advanced way of getting a signal to every part of the world? Imagine it and draw it!


Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Every year we are getting more and busier, pushing ourselves to new depths. Think about it, if we are going down this route, do we even have time to sit down in a classroom and listen to a professor? Or is there an option where online education can push us further than what classroom learning can do? Imagine being able to access your knowledge no matter where you are in the world or what you are doing. What would that look like? Visualize it and make it amazing. You got this!


Image courtesy of Pinterest.

When we finally make Mars or even a different planet our newest habitat, not everyone would be able to travel there. Only the wealthy and the famous will have a ticket to space travel. But what if that was not the case? What if we could make space travel affordable for everyone? Whether that means those, who want to pay a reasonable cost for life on a new planet or being able to take day trips around our universe? Who knows, the possibilities are endless.


Image courtesy of Super Car.

No more driving on the road. No more awkward potholes. No more “Road Work Ahead” memes. Our sky is our road, and the places we can now go are endless. Whether you design your flying car with wings or not, your mind will wander as you imagine the most refreshing way to develop a flying car. For the design, you could put two flying cars as the ‘o’s and have the rest of the letters represent what the driver would see now that you are flying above ground. Let your creativity take control of this one!


Image courtesy of Wired.

Imagine receiving a text message notification without even having to look at your phone. Imagine having the moment and the opportunity to search your next question without worrying that you will forget it. Imagine being able to access the internet through contact lenses. You will be determined to get that sucker into your eye so you can be a part of the trend. The possibilities on how that will affect the world are endless, but start brainstorming a way to showcase this idea and the effects it will have and channel it through your art. 


Image courtesy of Usersnap.

You are sitting right next to a stranger, and you want to tell him he’s cute, but you’re too nervous about opening your mouth, but what if you could communicate through thought waves and avoid speaking up? Optional communication via thoughts would be helpful for all those moments you want to say something to your friend in the heat of a group moment but speaking up will seem uncomfortable, and texting will take too long. Here is your moment to embrace your creativity and express your need for optional communication via thoughts.


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Think about this, wouldn’t it be cool to operate your house through your phone? Right before you go to bed, you do not have to get up and turn off the light; you could click it off through your phone. And what about all those times you left your key on your dresser in your room and now you’re officially locked out. Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to your home through your phone? Then draw what that means to you and let your creativity get the best of you. There’s no stopping those ideas once they get started.


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If I had a dream recorder, you would see me re-watching my dreams all the time. I have always wondered what exactly happened in my dreams, mostly because I often cannot remember the whole dream, but only little snip-bits. Well, if the future bought me a dream recorder, it would be my chance to relive the moments I imagine when I am sleeping. What would that look like for our society? Would we be sleeping even more just for the chance to watch a different life for ourselves unfold? Who knows, because you’re the creator, and the options are vast.


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Slowly but surely, most of your beloved animals are dying off and becoming extinct. But what if we could save them if their bodies were still intact? What if we could bring back the stuffed woolly mammoth that is in your city’s museum? Imagine all the animals we could bring back if we invented something that could bring back the life in extinct animals. Draw your favorite animal that you are most heartbroken is not around anymore in the shapes of the letters. Draw multiple extinct animals roaming their land with the word “Google” underneath their feet. Take your imagination to the next level. 


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It ’s summertime, and the palm trees are growing licorice on them. The bushes with berries are replaced with gummies. Our future has transformed nature into a candy haven, and we are in love. Use your imagination as you brainstorm different things in nature that can transform into a yummy dessert. Whether you think about the idea that mountains have turned into cake and snow into the frosting, or if you believe that chocolate will flow through the creeks in our future of a candy haven, you won’t stop imagining the different things that can now be transformed.