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Your Ultimate Spring Break Playlist

Spring Break is that wonderful reminder that warmer weather is to come. You have a week ahead of you filled with road trips, beach days, and unforgettable nights, so make sure you have the right playlist for each occasion. 

Road trip

·      “Shut Up and Drive” – Rihanna

·      “Life is a Highway”- Rascal Flatts

·      “Ridin” – Chamillionaire

·      “Ocean Avenue” –Yellowcard

·      “Don’t Stop Believin” –Journey

·      “Ride Wit Me” –Nelly


Beach Days

·      “Beachin”- Jake Owen

·      “Margaritaville” – Jimmy Buffett

·      “Pirate Flag” Kenny Chesney

·      “Toes” – Zach Brown Band

·      “Sun Daze” –Florida Georgia Line

·      “Sun Tan City” –Like Bryan



·      “I Don’t F* With You” – Big Sean

·      “Don’t Tell ‘Em” – Jeremih

·      “Gas Pedal” – Sage the Gemini

·      “GDFR” –Flo Rida, Sage the Gemini

·      “Fight Night” –Migos

·      “Don’t Drop that Thun Thun” –Finattiez

·      “Scholarship” –Juicy J



Enjoy! And remember: this Spring Break playlist will turn into summer playlist before you know it! 

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