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This Is Your Sign 


This is for you. 


I know you’ve been doubting yourself lately. You’re afraid of rejection, afraid of looking stupid, afraid of making mistakes. This fear is exactly what is holding you back. It perpetuates the dissonance between who you are and who you are meant to be. 


Bite the bullet. Light the fuse. Flip the switch. Make the change. 


This can be a pivotal moment in your life, it is all up to you. 


Apply for that job, that program, that fellowship, internship, seek that opportunity despite the risk of being told “no.” After all, that’s the worst-case scenario, you may be told “no.” You gain nothing, you lose nothing. The best-case scenario is worth that risk. 


Talk to that classmate, ask if they want to be friends. Invite them to a coffee date, swap numbers, start meaningful conversations. All it takes is the first step: “hello.” 


Start wearing those clothes, that makeup, that hairstyle you’ve been contemplating. Self-discovery looks good on you. Don’t be afraid of what others think, worry about how you feel about yourself. 

[bf_image id="59pxsvgx5gmf4brbkvq4g8vw"] That thing you kinda want to try but keep putting it off? Try it out. Do it. No more excuses. It could change your life. Or not. What will you lose by trying? What will you gain by maintaining the status quo? 


Set goals. Plan it out. Get up bright and early and get it done. Everything you need to accomplish what you want is already within you. 


Let go of your fear. Your fears do not have your best interest in mind. Don’t let them control you. 


You are limitless, you are capable, you are resilient. You can, and you will. You were made for greatness. 


This is for you.


This is your sign. 

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Jessie Kradel

App State '21

An anxious Art History student with an affinity for bees and an addiction to iced white mocha lattes.
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