Your Guide to Fall Decor 2017

I don’t know about you, but as October approaches, so does my Halloween spirit. The second (and I mean THE second) Target releases Halloween decorations, I am hitting 80 on the interstate to beat everyone there who (in my head) is also racing to the fall decor. As I dream of a sickeningly decorated room filled with every fall necessity a nineteen year old girl can imagine, a daunting reality hits; I’m broke. Who do I think I am? I can hardly afford to make it to two dollar tacos on Wednesdays (TAPP Room, Boone NC. You’re welcome). Panic hits and the sweat drips. What am I going to do? As I enter the big red doors to the reason my bank account is sub-zero, I glance to my left. The answer to all of my problems is staring right there at me - calling my name in fact; the dollar bin section at Target. The perfect place to find affordable, dainty, touches of decoration that can make your room go from average to [spooky] average in just under 10 minutes. Here are not only some examples of what I threw in my cart this year to help {spice} up my room with some Halloween anecdotes, but also some ideas for front-porch decor to celebrate this under-appreciated holiday.

Front Porch:

In a housing development, there are rules about what we can and cannot have on our front porches. This year for the Fall season, we decided to keep things simple with a welcoming “hello” mat (TJ Maxx), a Fall-themed faux leaf wreath (HomeGoods), and, if I do say so myself, a homemade Tim Burton Jack-O-Lantern in which we light around 8pm and let fizzle out (pumpin creds to Ingles Market).


As for my personal space, I went with a minimal amount that can catch the eyes of my guests. I don’t want to come off like the grammy who loves fall a bit too much and believes the patchwork scarecrow doesn’t get old. Strung throughout my curtain rod are small LED smiling Jack-O-Lantern lights (Target, $3).

Moving to my bed, I  hung a “Trick Or Treat” sign right above my place of slumber. With my year round “Love You More" painting, I figured it was too much to try and attach to the wall. The banner was $3 in the dollar bins at target, as was the pumpkin butter candle perched above my headboard (yum!).

The contents of my bedside table is always a lottery for me. Seriously, there is no telling what will be on my bedside table at any given day. I keep the basics I use every day and a picture of my cat (Chloe, I love and miss her more than words) on the table at all times, but for Halloween I went with a simple stainless steel indoor Jack-O-Lantern ($4.99, TJMaxx) with an electric candle (bulk buy at any Walmart, Ingles, TJMaxx, etc.) in it.

The last little bit of decor I’m going to include is more of a tip to incorporate that nice Fall weather indoors into your living space. What better way to do this with FLOWERS!! Not only do flowers make your room smell and look good, but they make for a good substitute for nature inside the home. Go check out your local Farmer’s Market/Outdoor Goods section ASAP!

All in all, Fall is obviously the best time of the year. It is never too early to decorate for the most awesome season of all! Make sure to not only make a trip to your closest Target/TJMaxx or HomeGoods store, but also your local Farmer’s Market! Incorporating a balanced mix of organic and “traditionally decorative” decor in your apartment/dorm room in the Fall is an essential!