Worst Places to Park in Boone

Having your car in college is a great luxury. Finding a place to park it in Boone is a great, well, frustration.

Even at your own apartment complex or outside of your dorm room there's always a constant fear of getting towed or the infamous boot, which can cost $60 to get off. Next time you are driving around town, keep these places in mind as the worst places to park in Boone…



1. Anywhere on Campus

The campus parking police is no joke. Not even 15 minutes after you walk away from your car you will have a bright yellow ticket placed right on the window, especially between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. If it is after 5, you may have a hard time finding a spot. No matter the time of day, parking on campus is always a major frustration (especially on Thursday game days).

2. King Street

Parking on King Street is risky business. The meters only have a two-hour capacity, so you are rushed with whatever you desire to do. Not to mention the confusion of the new solar-powered meters. What happened to just entering a coin in the machine and walking away? And if your meter runs out, the King Street parking police are standing right there to write you a ticket.

3. The parking lot in front of Cilantro’s

DO NOT DARE PARK HERE IF YOU ARE NOT VISITING A BUSNESS WITHIN THAT SHOPPING CENTER. They boot, quickly. Parking in this parking lot and walking over to Mellow Mushroom or Proper is a quick way to loose $60. Save yourself some cash, park somewhere else.

4.Certain Apartments

Some apartments have a guest parking lot, some apartment do not want guest to come at all. If you park at certain apartments within Boone, you could end up with a boot on your car. Before going over to visit a friend, check their complex's parking policy for guests. If there is not a spot for you, don’t risk it. Have your friends pick you up!

5.Boone Mall

Boone Mall is a great place to park when it is a sun-shiny day. But when a drop a rain comes from the sky, try your best to avoid this parking lot! A walk to your car can turn into a walk through a lake. And when it snows, mountains of  plowed snow sits in the parking lot. Just a heads up for when another Boone Monsoon comes!


I don’t know if you are a true Appalachian Student if you car hasn’t been booted or towed in your four years here. Unless you have a nice (but expensive) parking pass on campus or around town, you frustration with parking never seems to go away! Avoid this problem with remembering these places to avoid while driving in town!