Why We Love The Bachelor Arie

If you pay any attention to TV at all, then you know the Bachelor is back for another season of cat fights and love. This year, ABC floored us when they announced Arie Luyendyk Jr. as the next Bachelor. If you don't remember, Arie was on Emily's season of the Bachelorette 5 years ago. He was a finalist, but Emily ended up picking Jef over Arie.

Bad move, Emily.

At 36, Arie has lived a life full of thrill and excitement as an Indie race car driver, but he has recently taken up real estate in hopes of settling down. He finally agreed to be the Bachelor after taking enough time to fully recover from his heartbreak over Emily. Now, he's back and better than ever, and definitely ready to find a wife. 

In the first few episodes, Arie wasted no time at all making relationships with the women in the house. His nickname is even "the kissing bandit." If you aren't sure why, enjoy this montage of Arie's kissing gifs. 

And that's not even all of them...

Anyways, aside from his pillow lips, Arie really does have a lot going for him. He's a quirky guy, which I can appreciate after countless seasons of big, buff model-looking men with no personalities. Arie has spunk and drive, and he is actually serious about finding his wife on the show, and I would argue that he's the best Bachelor since Sean. 

I truly hope Arie finds his soulmate because he is actually one that really deserves it. While this season may not have the best date ideas or more drama than I've ever seen (even worse than Corinne...), Arie definitely makes up for it with his kindness and spunk. 

Oh and did I mention how much that salt and pepper hair works for him...? I mean, just take a look!

Don't forget to tune into ABC's the Bachelor on Monday nights at 8 pm EST!


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