Why 'Broadchurch' is the Netflix Show You Should Be Watching

You've probably never heard of Broadchurch, and the name alone is probably throwing you off. What the hell is a Broadchurch? Well, it's the Netflix show you should be watching.

Broadchurch is a town. A small beach town where everyone knows your name, your business, and your secrets...or so they think. For a town where everyone knows their neighbors, there are a lot of untold secrets floating around.

Broadchurch is a stunning town, located right by the beach with breath taking views on top of the cliffs. Amongst the beautiful sandy beaches, the body of an eleven-year-old boy is found, Danny Latimer. His mother, after realizing her son is missing, goes to find him only to be stuck in traffic where someone mentions a body has been found. That's when it hits her. In a dramatic yet compelling scene, we see a mother sprinting through standstill traffic on the highway, desperately trying to get to her son’s side.

Things like this don't happen in Broadchurch, the quiet little beach town that’s hard to locate on a map. It's the latest gossip, what has happened to this boy. Detective Ellie Miller, friend of the family, tries to put the pieces of the murder together. She learns she was passed over for the lead detective position, and on the day of the murder, she meets the guy who stole her job: Alec Hardy.

Alec isn't apart of the close-knit community of Broadchurch, but instead considered an outsider. He doesn't have the type of small-town charm the residents have. He has a no bullshit attitude, and he never sugarcoats. 

Ellie, still shocked something so horrific has happened potentially by the hands of one of her neighbors, butts heads with Alec about who could have done it. While she remains naïve, Alec goes after everyone in the town.

The first season of this series revolves around trying to catch Danny Latimer's killer. Everyone's a suspect, and as the case moves forward, the small-town people have their secrets put on a platform for everyone to see. There are several possibilities for who killed Danny Latimer because everyone in this town is sketchy af. The first season puts you on a rollercoaster of 'who done it.' Just when you think you've figured it out, the show throws another possibility at you.

This isn't one of those series that goes on for years and you don't figure out who did it until the last season. Broadchurch reveals who the killer is at the end of the first season, and believe me, it'll blow your mind. The second season is about the trail of the person as more secrets and lies are unveiled.

Think of Twin Peaks, but British. Did I forget to mention that this is a British show? Don't let that fact discourage you from watching. Alec's accent alone makes the show more witty. 

The writing is captivating. The light humor takes away from the dark undertones, and the characterization makes no two characters alike. Pairing Ellie Miller, the soft, sweet, naïve, mother-like character with Alec Hardy, the rough, unapologetic, sarcastic character, makes for a good time. The subtext makes the audience work and keeps them on their toes, making them tune in to every episode. The most unassuming characters will take you by surprise. 

Everyone has a story, everyone has a past, and all of that is about to be uncovered. If you think you're an expert at picking out the killer in crime shows and movies, Broadchurch will make you an ammeter.  

Seasons 1-2 are on Netflix. Happy binge watching.