What's With the Warm Weather in Boone?

For those of you who are experiencing your first Boone winter, you’ve lucked out this year (or picked a bad year if you thrive on the cold). However, it seems like for the past few years we have been saying, “why is it so hot in the winter?” The facts are surprising:

As you can see in the chart below, the weather in Boone in January usually stays between 21 and 42 degrees. From the first of the year to January 26th we have had highs above 42 degrees for sixteen days. We have gotten below 21 degrees only six days, and our low has been what our high should be.

You may have also noticed that (except for one Sunday before school started) we have had a distinct lack of snow this year. In the average year, it will snow around ten inches in January, and that will happen over five to eight days in the month. This year, it has snowed six inches, but it did so in two consecutive days.

So what does this mean for us? Well, it probably means a really hot summer, but it also means that we have great weather for things like slack lining, enoing, hiking, and laying out on the mall. I know that I have definitely taken advantage of this warm weather this winter. You should take advantage of this too because it’s not likely to stay warm for long, and you’ll be wishing for this warm weather to come back.

So next time you and your friends are thinking about how abnormally hot it is this winter, you will know that it really is abnormally warm...for now.


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