What's All the Hype About 'Stranger Things'?

Since when did we transport back in time to the 80's?

The new Netflix series, Stranger Things, has been all anyone can talk about lately. In fact, according to Symphony Advanced Media, Stranger Things is third behind Orange is the New Black and Fuller House in viewership within its first 35 days on the Internet TV network. Stephen King even tweeted about it! For those of you who have no idea what this show is about, let us enlighten you:

Have you ever seen E.T. or The Goonies or Stand by Me? Heck, have you seen any 80's movie? Well, Stranger Things gives us all the nostalgia feels as it's a rip-off of 80's films. In fact, when pitching the idea for the show to Netflix, the creators, the Duffer Brothers, put together a trailer combining a bunch of 80's movies. The show even takes place in the 80's! 

Stranger Things is about a mother whose son goes missing, and she'll stop at nothing to find him. This is what the description says on Netflix, but that doesn't even begin to cover it.

Winona Ryder (yes she's back in the spotlight!) plays a mother whose son, Will, goes missing one night. She refuses to believe he's dead and thinks something more has happened to him. Though she's spot-on with her theories, she sounds a little crazy. Luckily, she doesn't care how crazy she sounds. She proves that a mother's love for her child will move mountains. She'll take on any monster that tries to hurt her family.

The casting on this show is amazing. Besides Wynona Ryder, Stranger Things features new actors, including a child actor who plays a character named Eleven. Eleven ends up being the protagonist of the show, and a pretty badass little girl. She's been locked away her whole life, then rebels against the people who took her. She teams up with Will's friends in an attempt to rescue him. She doesn't have many lines, but the acting ability of this girl to produce a multi-dimensional character with just a few lines is pure talent.

She also loves waffles.

Taking a note from Stand by Me, Stranger Things features a group of boy's and their friendship. Members of the A.V. Club and Dungeons and Dragons fanatics, these boy's are the outsiders in school. This show captures a type of genuine friendship we haven't seen since Stand by Me. These boys are the best of friends, and when Will goes missing, they make it their mission to find him. When Eleven turns up, they take her in as one of their own in what turns out to be the best friend group ever.

These characters are relatable to anyone who wasn't popular in high school or hated high school (which is the majority of us, right?) Even down to the minor characters, there's someone who'll you'll connect with on a personal level.

There's a lot of mystery in this show. You'll be so confused at first, but you'll keep watching because you'll want answers! There's nothing predictable about it. Even though the show compares to numerous 80's films, the plot is so original that you'll have no idea where it's going to go next. There's a reason people watch the entire first season in one sitting. The show makes you crave answers because you have NO IDEA what's going to happen next and you NEED answers! 

You probably won't want to watch this show if you're easily frightened. Though it's not horrifying, there are some jumpy, what's lurking in the shadows, kind of moments. Equally, if you love scary shows that make you jump, this show will satisfy you.

There's this theory that all good shows have to have some kind of comedy. So while you'll be terrified one minute, you'll be laughing your ass off the next. 11-year-old boys are hilarious, right?

There is a reason why everyone is talking about this show. It lives up to all the hype. This is one of the most original plots out there right now, while at the same time taking you back in time through your favorite 80's movies. Eleven rocks as a powerful female character, and the other characters will resonate with you. The mystery of the show will keep you hooked enough that you'll want to watch all eight episodes to find out what happened to Will, what's up with Eleven, and what the hell happened to Barb! The scary stuff will make you want to keep the lights on, while the humor will have you laughing so much you're roommates will think you're crazy.

The Duffer Brothers' Stranger Things is now Netflix's most popular original series. These writers have created a truly original show that has captured the world. Celebrities are tweeting about it, and some are becoming a little obsessed (looking at you Aaron Paul).

There's no doubt The Duffer Brothers have created something magical here. They've taken beloved 80's movies and created a world full of mystery and awe. Hats off to The Duffer Brothers for creating America's new beloved series.

Side note: we all know this kid made the show:

We can't wait for Stranger Things season 2!