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What’s the deal with the sexual assault allegations in Hollywood?

What’s going on?

Some powerful Hollywood men are under fire of sexual assault allegations. In early October Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual assault in an article published by the New York Times. The allegations against Weinstein have sparked a fast-spreading fire of sexual assault accusations against actors and big names alike.

Who are we talking about?

As we already mentioned, the accusations against Weinstein have put this movement into motion. The New York Times found almost three decade’s worth of accusations against Weinstein concerning sexual assault. Since this came out, he has been fired from his own company, and his wife has left him.

Kevin Spacey was recently accused of making a sexual advance toward actor Anthony Rapp in 1986. Spacey claims he does not remember the alleged encounter. He tweeted an apology and, in the same apology tweet, came out as a gay man. His response has been highly criticized, as many people questions what his sexuality had to do with his alleged sexual assault. After the allegations against Spacey came out, Netflix announced the next season of House of Cards, on which Spacey stars, would be the last season.

Numerous women have also accused James Toback of sexual harassment, over a number of years. Toback told the Los Angeles Times that the accusations were false and it would be “biologically impossible” for him to have engaged in the behavior described by the women.  

What’s the big deal?

This is a movement that is long overdue. Just look at how many women have spoken up within Hollywood, and how long it took them to find the courage to speak up.

On social media, countless women joined the #metoo movement to spread awareness of the magnitude of the problem of sexual assault. This movement was not part of a campaign but was simply a way to raise awareness of this issue. It served as a wake-up call, as it showcased how many people have been affected by sexual assault.

Many actors and actresses were leaders in this movement, and have continued to bring to light accusations against big names. Others that have been put under the spotlight include Chris Savino, Roy Price, and Mark Halperin.

While this movement itself may not have the ability to end this issue, it is a huge step in the right direction. 



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