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What to Read Next? The Luxe by Ana Godbersen


Any Gossip Girl fans looking for a new addiction? Ana Godbersen’s The Luxe may be just what you need!
Set in the late 19th century, The Luxe, uncovers the shocking private lives of New York’s social elite. Best friends and rivals Elizabeth Holland and Penelope Hayes have been engaged in a secret war with each other for years. Elizabeth, who comes from “old money,” is viewed by society as the epitome of an elegant lady, while Penelope’s family has recently become rich and she is known for her suggestive behavior. The two women have secret love lives that are soon shattered by one decision they cannot control.
Similar to Gossip Girl, each chapter begins with a quote from a gossip column in the local newspaper. However, the columnist has no idea what is really going on.
The real story is told from the point of view of characters: Elizabeth; her younger sister, Diana; one of the Holland’s maids, Lina; Penelope; and New York’s most desired bachelor, Henry Shoonmaker. All of these characters are in love with someone, yet they are kept apart because of class, money, and society’s expectations. However, all the lovers continue to dream up ways to escape their situations and fight for what they want. With boyfriends engaged to best friends and fiancés in love with their bride-to-be’s sibling, there seems to be no way out of this tragic love web; until a terrible accident occurs.
The Luxe is the first installment of a four book series, all of which are already available in stores. So there’s no waiting to finish the story once you’re hooked!
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