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What Every App State Girl Needs For Spring Break

Yes, ladies, the momment we’ve been fasting for has arrived… Or at least pretending to anyway–SPRING BREAK! I never thought we would dig our way out of the snow and leave Boone, but here we are. Before you leave for whatever your spring break plans may be. Be sure to make the most of your time and check out these Do’s and Don’ts of Spring Break. 

Do. Relax

Whether you’re going to the beach, road tripping with friends, or going home. Make sure you give yourself time to rejuvenate from a long semester and take time for yourself.


Don’t. Stress the small stuff.

You’re here to party. Stop caring and just have fun. You only have four spring breaks and the countdown is on so make the most out of any spring break plans…Okay you might get five if you’re lucky.

Do. Catch some Vitamin D.

Doesn’t matter where your spring break plans take you make sure to drive with your windows rolled down, let in a little sun or lay out on the beach. You’re looking a little pasty from all the snow days.



Don’t. Waste time.

You only have a week, so make the most of it! Before you know it you’ll be back to the grind preparing for finals.

Do. THINK of what you’re doing.

You’re family, friends, and by god probably even your professors want you back in one piece so please think through what you’re doing and stay safe and have fun!



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