Want a More Positive Feed? Follow These Accounts on Insta

For Positive Thoughts on Health

This girl is body posi like no one else. She encourages her followers, and women in general, to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin by putting, what some would consider her imperfections, on display for 626k followers (and counting) to see. She’ll make you smile and want to stomp out that mean girl in your head.


This is an entire account dedicated to celebrating women’s bodies of alllll types. and that’s what makes it so lovely. Their posts serve as a great reminder that all ladies should be working it, and showing off what ya got ( to whatever degree you feel comfortable)! They also tag other inspiring gals with great accounts; aka more suggestions of positive women to follow :)


For foodies, this girl is a godsend. From meals to desserts, she’s got you covered with delicious and healthy goodies. So, so many goodies. Sheeh, now I’m hungry. She’s also open about her past experiences with eating disorders, modeling career that perpetuated those habits, and subsequent journey to acceptance and happiness as the badass woman she is now. 


Another great account for food lovers (so, everyone, right?), is this gal. She promotes delicious and (often) vegan meals to keep your body feeling it’s best. And you can take her word for it; she’s a doctor. So along with recipes, she talks about how physical health correlates with an individual's mental health too! 

  • @lucymountain 



For Positive Words

Many have seen Morgan’s wise words circulating Insta stories, and you’re probably one of them. If you don’t follow her already, get to it! Her posts are consistent and always full of hopeful reminders to keep faith in whatever it is that you find faith through. 


This account is specifically dedicated to warm reminders that God’s gotcha. They post verses, thoughts, and advice, making the account worthy of your online presence if you find strength through your religious faith! 


Cute cartoons, lil ghosts with emotions, lil ghosts with relatable emotions. What more could you want? While it may be called the Sad Ghosts Club, this cartoon buddy promotes anything but. Cleverly communicated through fun comics, this account promotes positive mental health awareness, making us feel a little less alone in our feelings (and warm and fuzzy in the stomach to see that ghost smile). 


Combining watercolor and wisdom. Whether about seasonal changes, small moments of joy and beauty, or touching personal narratives, Mari will leave you reminiscent and saying to yourself, “So that’s how you describe that feeling.” 


Although a lesser-known account, Nina has a way of posting beautifully complex thoughts and observations with beautifully simplistic pictures (cute doggies, cups of coffee, and selfies alike). 


For Straight-Up Smiles 

This account is exactly what you think it is and not one bit disappointing.  It’s funny, and Oh so fun to *longing sigh* look at. 


Guys, Kristen Bell follows Tiny Chef, and loooooves him. Not enough for you? His tiny, bulbous green shape and incomprehensible singing will make even the smallest of hearts grow three sizes. He’ll cook, and likely sing a song whilst doing so in his freakin’ adorable tree stump house and equally adorable kitchen. 


More cartoons! These cutie comics are just as lovable, often portraying small, and very relatable, moments between the artist and her significant other. A lot of em are so sweet, they’ll make you wanna cuddle up with your boo as soon as possible. 


This is what (plant lady) dreams are made of. This talented illustrator pulls inspiration from her love of foliage, and we reap the visual benefits. Not only that, but many of her prints have plant lover advice for how to take care of particularly stubborn plants and reminders of our mutual love for our green thumb.