'This is Us' Finale Did What it Had To Do

Many This is Us fans were left uninspired by the finale.

The episode before the finale appeared to be setting us up for Jack's death story. Jack was last seen driving after Rebecca after he'd had a few beers. After finding out early on in the season that Jack dies, everyone wanted to know the story. It was the one thing fans wanted! And the writers did not give it to them in the finale.

Jack did not set a good standard for drinking and driving as he survived the trip to meet Rebecca at her gig. Fans restlessly waited the rest of the episode for Jack's death. How weird is that? Fans impatiently waiting for a character to finally die? Walking Dead fans sure don't have that problem.

The rest of the finale is Jack and Rebecca dealing with their marital issues. In the end, Jack does leave, but only to stay with Oscar (aka the guy she told you not to worry about). The episode ended on a hopeful note, indicating that Jack and Rebecca are far from over. 

As the credits rolled, fans weren't left in tears like in the other episodes. The tears were what they wanted!

I applaud the writers for what they did in the episode, and fans have to understand that the lackluster finale was something the writers had to do. Without it, the show wouldn't go on to season two. If we had found out how Jack died in season one, what would happen for the rest of the show? We'd find out how fast Oscar jumped on his best friend's girl? 

The writers set up the finale so that they could go on to future episodes. The brief glimpse we got in present day showed the Big Three setting down new paths that will create new story plots for them. Kevin is making a big move when it comes to his career and relationship with his ex-wife, Kate has decided to pursue a singing career, and Randall has proposed the idea to his wife of adopting a child. In the next season, we're left to see what happens to Jack and Rebecca after their blow up and Jack temporarily moving out. We're also left with the lingering question of how Jack died.

The finale got things moving for the next season. It created new storylines that were desperately needed after a season that moved rapidly. Finales don't always go out with a bang like Breaking Bad (I hope you’ve watched the show so you’ll get the joke). Finales are meant to circulate new storylines, create reversals, and bring audiences back for the next season. This is Us did just that.

 So put your tissues away until next season, This is Us fans.