Unique Gifts For Your Man This Valentines Day

Valentines Day may be the cheesiest holiday of the year, but it is an excuse to snuggle up to your loved one and remind each other how much you love each other. If you gave the date planning duties to your significant other, the only thing to stress about is the gift. Buying a gift for a guy can be hard, especially someone you may have not been dating a while.

Start here by reading these unique gifts for Valentines Day! 

1. Magazine Subscriptions

A magazine subscription is an easy gift that your boyfriend will love. A yearly subscription to Sport Illustrated or Rolling Stone are relatively cheap. Most magazine subscriptions are $25 for the year.


2. Set of new Sweats.

Are you sick of looking at those old pair of sweat pants that your boyfriend will never throw away? Treat him this Valentines Day by getting him some new sweats. You get to pick them out, so you already know that you will love them! It’s a win for you and him.


3. Shaving Kit.

If your man likes to keep his facial hair well groomed then treat him with a deluxe shaving kit. Some basic shaving kits include preshave tonic, shaving soap, post shave, a shaving brush, and a travel bag. Spend a little extra this Valentines day on a deluxe shaving kit that your man will continue to use shave after shave.


4. Fitbit.

No, Fitbits are not just for girls! Get your active boyfriend a Fitbit this Valentines Day so he can keep track of his steps and physical activity. Do you have a Fitbit too? Add each other as friends on the Fitbit app and see who can do the most steps in one day.


5. Classic: Case of Beer.

If you want to keep it simple this Valentines Day, get something a guy would never say no too; a case of beer. Perhaps spend a little extra and get something a little more than the PBR or Bud Light he always goes too. Your man will know you are a keeper.

Don’t overthink Valentines Day gifts. These gift ideas will take off the stress gift shopping this February!